Titos and sweet tea….gotta love these Southern summers.
Take the time to read this today, of the chance arises. Shots out to that joke in his belt buckle by the artist #comics #marvel #captainamerica
Shouts out to the two main father figures I had growing up, two men I miss alot. I learned a lot from them both and my only regret is that I didn’t learn more and never got the chance to tell them how much I love and appreciate them.  #family #fathersday
R.I.P. to the beautiful Ruby Dee. Amazing woman who did amazing things and entertained millions. Im glad she gets to be with Ossie again Man, and I JUST watched Do The Right Thing the other day..Mother Sister always watching… #RIP #rubydee
Tosin from @AnimalAsLeader.  They’re so much more impressive in person and that’s saying alot #concert #music #animalsasleaders